Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Family Day @ PD


Last weekend, hubby's office organized a family day event 2D1N and was held at Eagle Ranch Resort PD. It's been a while we don't go to vacation so this time is our weekend gateway..It was so fun because I had time with my family. My kids was xcited and enjoy definitely...Especially when they saw the swimming pool.. so, i had lots of fun making photos using the beloved DSLR..

We're having a great time there.. On the way back home.. we're visited Telok Kemang beach.. :)

*´'`°¤¸¸.•'´Click here for view more pics`'•.¸¸¤°´'`*


  1. bestnyer beriadah..kalau anak2 dah besar bestkan bawa dorg...salam kenal k

  2. Best... tp penat la... dah 2 anak ni...especially yg kecik 2... baru dapat kaki kn.... lasak sgt... hehe.. anak u baru sorg ye?... nice 2 know u... TQ :)



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